3D Plastic Laser Printing for Series

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Production on demand

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we manufacture your products,

regardless of color or shape

coloring unit

industrial e-coloring system for nylon parts

CIPRES – an imaginative service provider for your successful production of laser sintered parts in color

With e-coloring we have been achieving qualitatively and quantitatively unrivaled results for more than 10 years.

Coloring unit for e-coloring – CIPRES presents a system for coloring nylon parts

Series production

3D Laser printing, the process of designing and manufacturing high quality plastic laser sintered products, is simple but not easy. Based on 3D models, parts are built up layer by layer.


e-coloring is the perfect complement to e-Manufacturing. With this innovative, environmentally friendly technology, every plastic laser sintered part is delivered in the desired color and quality.


In addition to the mere production of your workpieces, we are happy to finish them according to your wishes. Depending on which requirements have to be met, we can polishing, tumbling, smoothing, thermochemical treating and dyeing your products.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping connects the individual disciplines in product development and accelerates the individual steps.

Our services

  • Accompanying project advice
  • Construction
  • Classic prototype production
  • Individual serial production
  • Surface finishing
  • e-coloring
  • assembly of 3D-printed parts

Your advantages

  • Working on a binding database for all project participants
  • time to market: short development time until market launch
  • fast adaptation to trends
  • low capital commitment
  • Demand-oriented production
  • no tooling costs

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