Frame production

Have you thought about producing your frames using 3D printing?

This revolutionary technology makes perfect, easily customizable glasses possible. Over 500 ultra-thin layers of white polyamide powder are used to print over 100 unique frames within 24 hours. With 3D printing, you can dramatically reduce your development time to market launch and offer more demand-driven production.

Just print
Our versatile and needs-based selection of materials enables us to guarantee the detailed and precise production of complex workpieces cost-efficiently and flexibly. The realization of filigree structures via Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) makes the individual, fast production of ready-to-use single and serial parts.

We carry out the following steps to refine your 3D printed frames:


Tumbling: Edges and layer strips are rounded off with abrasives. The surface loses its roughness.

e-coloring: With selective laser sintering, the products come out of the machine in white, but since the eyewear industry lives from its colorful diversity, we are happy to dye your eyewear for you in all possible colors.

PostPro3D: Chemical smoothing is an alternative to infiltration, since it also protects the product against dirt, sweat and environmental influences. In addition, this process also has optical influences, since the surface is smoothed by the Boundary Layer Automated Smoothing Technology. Here, the component loses the typical prototype look and it gives the object a high-quality appearance.

Infiltration: If the product is not chemically smoothed, infiltration is needed for products that are worn on the body. The products are protected against dirt, sweat and environmental influences and are also odorless in the long term.

Assembly: We are also happy to assist you with the assembly of individual components. The assembly of eyewear fronts and temples is on our daily agenda.