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The perfect complement to e-Manufacturing is e-coloring. Today, the color concept is being used more and more for the dyeing of laser sintered parts in polyamide and enables a higher efficiency for the nylon laser sintered parts. e-coloring does not just include dyeing rather all finishing solutions that make your parts real. With this innovative, environmentally friendly technology, every plastic laser sintered part is delivered in the desired color and quality. The parts retain all geometric, mechanical and thermal properties.

The colors used by CIPRES are resistant to light and UV radiation, as well as resistant to water and abrasion. Even sweat does not affect the color, which is needed for eyewear and jewelry. Particularly in the eyewear industry, laser sintered frames are increasingly being used in recent years because the models are adapted to colors and trends in the shortest possible time.

The dyes originate from the textile industry and are also used for the dyeing of polyamide fabrics. All dyes are powdery and can be mixed together, thus creating different new shades.

In order to achieve a good coloring of the components, careful and gentle cleaning of powder residues is necessary. This means while glass bead blasting, the components should be cleaned with even movements. Beam spots or spots that arise when the blasting head remains too close to the surface of the structure for a long time must be avoided since these become visible after staining.

Also, the components should not be touched without gloves, as fingerprints are also visible after staining.

  • Color penetrates 0,3 mm deep
    • abrasion resistant
    • Long-term coloring
  • the shape remains unchanged
  • no surface preparation necessary
  • Components retain their geometric and mechanical properties
  • easy realization of series

Our color concept offers …

… a big color scale.

… a high lightfastness in all color shades.

… water resistance.

… good compatibility.

… very high color fastness in the different types of polyamide (does not fade, for example, in chlorine water, benzene, in citric acid and strong cleaning agents, etc.).

… good abrasion resistance.

… scuff resistance.

With the new, environmentally friendly technology of e-coloring, every nylon laser sintered part is delivered in the desired color

Advantages of e-coloring

  • Shape stability is maintained
  • cost-effective coloring without surface pretreatment
  • Parts retain all geometric, mechanical and thermal properties
  • Color space ranges from brilliant to matte to deep are possible
  • High Color penetration depth
  • decolorizable only from 200°C


Polyamides are sensitive to light and thermal or chemical oxidation. The photosensitivity of laser sintered parts can be recognized by their yellowish appearance after a few months. In the case of the colored laser sintered parts, this effect is barely visible due to the color. Thanks to an additive system, we can even improve the light stability and thermal or chemical resistance of the colored laser sintered parts (thermochemical treatment).

Our qualities:

  • e-coloring standard
    Coloring with surface pre-treatment for the optimal look
  • e-coloring standard +
    Coloring with surface pre-treatment for optimal look, including a thermo-chemical treatment to improve the laser-sintered parts (water-tight, pressure resistant, dirt repellent, etc.)

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Basic colors

01 black
02 grey
03 brown
04 navy blue
05 royal blue
06 purple
07 bordeaux
08 red
09 orange
10 lemon yellow
11 cadmium yellow
12 lime