Industrial dyeing machines


CIPRES has been offering services for the printing and finishing of additively manufactured nylon parts since 2004. Over the years, CIPRES has built up a wide range of application know-how from which our customers now benefit. Years ago, CIPRES also saw the need for an automated coloring solution for nylon parts, as the classic coloring methods did not deliver consistent and repeatable results.

Together with the company Thies GmbH & Co KG, which with 129 years of experience in the development and construction of finishing machines, is a globally positioned, reliable partner of innovative, industrialised solutions, CIPRES has developed a product range that sets new standards in the market.


You want to start coloring additively manufactured nylon components yourself, but you are still at the very beginning? Or you are already coloring but would like to do it more professionally to achieve more consistent coloring results? Then the miniColor is the perfect choice for you!
It is a handy machine for smaller batches, whose operation has been designed so that even beginners can quickly get started with dyeing.

Find more information about the miniColor here: miniColor


For larger application projects on a higher and more diverse control level, the established eCOLOR is the right choice. This highly efficient production unit has a larger capacity and impresses with its state-of-the-art touchscreen control.

Find more information about the eCOLOR range here: eCOLOR