From Prototype to Masterpiece

Surface finishing

In addition to the mere production of your workpieces, we will be happy to finish them according to your wishes. Depending on the requirements, we polish, vibratory finish, infiltrate and color your products.

It is possible that embossed details are removed through the abrasives. To prevent this, the details should be enhanced by at least 1mm. This issue is not that big having embossed details because the abrasives don’t reach inside. However the details can be rounded through the abrasives.

• Vibratory grinding

Vibratory grinding is a process for surface processing. The workpieces are placed in a vibrating container together with grinding wheels made of ceramic, plastic or metal and an additive. Oscillating or rotating movement of the vibrating container causes material removal on the workpiece. The surface image of the workpiece can be endlessly varied by the various combinations of grinding wheels.

• Surface smoothing with PP3D NEW

PostPro3D technology is a smart and automated post processing solution for polymer 3D printed parts based on BLAST™ process (Boundary Layer Automated Smoothing Technology).

PostPro3D® achieves for the first time a surface finish that is similar to injection moulding techniques. This enabling technology reduces lead-time, cost of manufacture, operational and maintenance costs providing the ‘missing piece’ in the digital manufacturing chain.

• Thermochemical Treatment (Infiltration)

Due to thermochemical treatment, which is called “infiltration” and comparable to classical methods of impregnation, light stability and thermal or chemical resistance of colored sintered parts are improved.

Key advantages of this infiltration are:

  • color neutrality (colorless)
  • improved paintability (homogenous, bright colors)
  • high resistance to a variety of known chemical substances and compounds
  • drinking water approval
  • food approval

• e-coloring

Our e-coloring is characterized by an absolutely homogeneous color coverage and is manifold and durable:  We enable a large, theoretically unlimited range of possible colors and high lightfastness in all color shades. Due to our qualities e-coloring standard and e-coloring standard + color shades from brilliant to matte to deep are possible.

The geometric, mechanical and thermal properties of the sintered part do not change by the application of the color. Essential quality parameters are resistance to light and water as well as abrasion, foodstuff resistance, chemical resistance, biocompatibility and welding resistance.

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