3D printing, consulting, construction, surface finish, coloring and color developments in the highest quality from a single source

CIPRES supports you in the development and production of your innovative components with individually optimized solution approaches for your product needs. We see ourselves as your competent partner in consulting and construction for additive manufacturing, with the right choice of materials and print quality as well as in the implementation of the desired surfaces, whether surface homogeneity, color, mechanical or chemical smoothing and infiltration for chemical resistance, impermeability or protection against environmental influences. All combined with careful quality control to make your products successful on the market!

Prototyping, customized solutions, or mass production with additive manufacturing? Regardless of what you’re planning, CIPRES provides the experience, know-how, and technology you need to scale up your idea: Everything from additive manufacturing to perfect finishing from a single source. And all designed to fit in with your processes.

CIPRES is an innovation-driven company, which is always one step ahead of the market and knows how to react flexibly to product requirements and the wishes of its customers. This requires know-how and many years of experience, which CIPRES has brought with it since 2004.

CIPRES has specialized in producing end products with machines that were originally reserved for prototyping. AM manufacturing has now established itself internally as an independent and fully-fledged branch of production.

In August 2018, the company CIPRES GmbH was founded and took over the service area of CIPRES Technology Systems. In addition, the company offers the sale of coloring machines and machines for the finishing of additively manufactured components with the corresponding training. The focus of CIPRES GmbH is on the further development of color techniques, color units and solutions for surface finishing for the manufacture of 3D-printed components as end products.

This Technology…

… doesn’t only offer design freedom with optimized structures and surfaces but also great saving potential for smaller and medium quantities. An industrial standard can only be reached when reproducibility and quality through accuracy, homogeneity, density and stiffness of the material are in balance. This is only possible if the process is mastered completely. Concerning the surface quality: Generally the ready for sale quality is achieved through post processing and finishing of the sintered blanks. Coloring of plastic laser sintered parts is the main key for the production. CIPRES is specialized and is market leader.

Technology visions

  • 3D printing becomes the production technology of the 21st century
  • Experts assume a further development that is better, cheaper and more versatile
  • Many analysts are drawing a bright future for 3D printing technology
  • Future visions range from small, three-dimensional desktop printers to systems that can print a whole house
  • According to Ray Kurzweil, head of technical development at Google, it could be normal in the 2020s to download 3D models of his favorite clothes on the computer and then output them via printer